October 20, 2014 Wayne Bancroft is at home in Illinoi surfing YouTube for some visual instruction concerning a project he is involved in. On the right hand side of the screen are some suggested videos and Wayne chooses to view one of these videos. It is about a B-4 Bomber. After that another shows up that catches his eye. This one concerns a Martin Mariner PBM-5. It is the film that I digitized in Feb of 2013. Wayne has never seen his father move. He has only seen black and white photographs of his father as the crash that took LTJG Bancroft's life occurred 4 months before Wayne Bancroft Jr. was born but he is very, very familiar with his fathers image and immediately recognizes the smiling young sailor in whites as his father. Wayne is seeing for the first time in his life a color moving image of a man only known to him by black and white photos and stories told by his mother.