PART   9          341---388

341                        Martha, Michael, Douglas & Jeff Talbot  at 719 Munro Ave. possibly on the date of  

                              Cousin Nancy’s wedding 9-1-1958

342                         Jeff & Doug with painted turtle caught at Belvedere Resort Winthrop, Maine ca. 1959

343---346                Michael & Douglas Talbot at Owl’s Head Harbor Lake Champlain Vergennes, VT   1960

                              with fish caught---in front of cabin # 1

347                         Martha & Jeff Talbot on confirmation day at 719 Munro Ave.  1960

348                         Jeff & Doug Talbot at Winged Foot Country Club ca. 1960

349                         Jeff Talbot at Owl’s head Harbor with northern pike he caught ca. 1962

350                         John & Lois Ptasznik at 719 Munro Ave. ca. early 1960s

351                         Doug Talbot with his go-kart in rear driveway of 719 Munro Ave. ca. 1963

352                         Ricky & Barbara Ray, Jeff Talbot, Chip Oakley at Jersey Shore ca. 1963

353                         Jeff Talbot at Owl’s Head Harbor Lake Champlain with Sheeps Head he caught ca. 1963

354                         Jeff Talbot with his 1st car (1956 MGA) in back driveway at 719 Munro Ave.

355                         Doug Talbot, confirmation at St. John’s Lutheran Church Mamaroneck, NY  2nd from

                              right on rear row  1962 or 1963

356                         Jeff Talbot at Mary O’Neill’s house, High School Graduation & prom night 1965

357---358                 Jeff, and, Jeff & Doug Talbot taken at the time of Jeff’s H.S. year book picture 1965

359                         Cynthia Mann & Thomas Richard Glassford on wedding date 7-31-1976

360---361                 Doug Talbot, High School Graduation pictures, 719 Munro Ave.  Mamaroneck, NY  1967

362                         Doug Talbot’s confirmation picture with grandmother Pauline Ott 1962 or 1963

363                         Talbot Family Home at 719 Munro Ave. Mamaroneck, NY ca. late 1960s or early 1970s

364                         Douglas Christian Talbot & Joan “Jody” Miller Neukom wedding day picture in Adrian,

                              Michigan on Saturday 8-11-79

365---369                 RMS Nerissa documents have been moved to Part (1) of Talbot Family History

370---372                 Documents of Michael Talbot showing he was a member of Perpetual Mass Association

                              SMA Fathers (Society of African Missions). This is very confusing since the date is

                              Feb. 26, 1865 and Michael Talbot converted to being a Lutheran when he married?

373                         Missing number                        

374                         Christian Ott’s Declaration of Intent document to become a U.S. citizen filed 1-7-1921.

                               It should be noted that he entered the U.S. May 29, 1907 and the country of birth

                               listed was Poland/Russia--European boundaries were constantly changing at that time

375                         Christian Ott & Pauline Winter Certificate and Record of Marriage 9-27-1910.

                               Note information and misspellings

376                         Christian Ott & Pauline Winter Affidavit for License to Marry 9-22-1910. Note both

                              listed country of birth as being Russia

377                         Adolf Ott’s (Christian’s older brother) Declaration of Intent document filed 8-4-1921.

                              Note that he lists his country of birth as Poland and arrived in the U.S.  in 1913

378                        Christian Ott’s Death Certificate   1-27-1961

379                        Pauline Ott’s Death Certificate  1-21-1975

380                        Michael Talbot’s Death Certificate   10-1-1989. Note mother’s maiden name listed as

                              Anna Levit and father’s name listed as Theodore Talbot, tombstones list both as

                              being Ptasznik at the time of death. This was filled out, in part, by Martha Talbot

381                         Martha Talbot’s Death Certificate  2-23-2007. Note that both her parents are listed as

                              “State of Birth” being Germany. That is Jeff’s error because he was told that and it is

                               not correct.  Also, Winters (listed with an “s”) should be just Winter

382                         Various family obituary notices

383---384                Map of Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Hawthorne, NY showing Theodore & Anna

                              Ptasznik’s burial plot location and other family information

385                         1948 Zoning Map of Village of Mamaroneck Westchester County New York

386                         1947 March & April calendar advertisement from a Mamaroneck business

387                         Post card of Mamaroneck Harbor---“where the fresh water falls into the salt”

                              (Indian meaning of the name Mamaroneck)

388                         Newspaper article on the Julius & Ethel Rosenberg trial. Howard Becker was the last                                                                             

                              living juror from that trial

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